How to install WordPress on the Xampp server and run offline website.

First, you need to go to the Xampp website to download Xampp to your operating system 


Then you can select the downloading option related to your operating system

There are three operating systems 

  • Windows 
  • Linux 
  • OS (Apple) 

You can download WordPress along with the downloading of Xampp.

To download WordPress you need to go to the WordPress website.

WordPress website:

Scroll down you will see these options 

Both Xampp and WordPress are downloading now 

After that, you can check your downloads in your system 

Install Xampp

After this procedure, Xampp starts installing 

Congratulations !!!! Xampp Installed successfully Now You need to Install WordPress in Xampp You can follow the following procedure to do that.

  1. Copy the WordPress file
  2. Go to Local Disk D Or where you have the window files installed in your systems. Here you will Folder of Xampp
  3. After clicking on the Xampp Folder you will see several options you need to click on htdocs
  4.  Enter in the htdocs folder and paste your copied WordPress file into this folder
  5. Extract the WordPress file in this location by pressing “Extract here”
  6. The file has been extracted. Now change the name of the folder that belongs to your favorite name. For Example, my favorite name is “dog”

⇒ Now run your Install Xampp 

Click on start and just start two things 

  • Apache 
  • MySQL

⇒ Now go to your browser and open the Xampp phpmyadmin localhost (to create a database) here is link: http://localhost/dashboard/ 

Click on phpMyAdmin

Here you will enter a new page that looks like this

Click on new 

Add the name in the Database name that you have changed for WordPress your favorite name My favorite name is “Dog”

Then click on create

⇒ Now go to the localhost and then press / and enter your favorite name in this manner 


Then you will redirected to this page kind of page http://localhost/dog/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php

click on continue 

Then will you see a new page

Click on let’s go 

⇒ Enter your database name as my favorite name is dog

⇒ username you can write root

⇒ for the password you can leave it blank 

⇒ and then submit

Now click on Run installation 

And welcome to the configuration of your website 

You will see pages like this 

Now fill necessary information 

⇒ site name. Let’s see my site name will be doglove 

⇒ In the user name you can set admin 

⇒ set your rememberable password

⇒ provide your Email address

And click on Install WordPress 


Now go to the browser and search for 


You will see this page 

Enter the username that is Admin 

And your rememberable password 

And here we go you will enter in the backend of your website 

You can check the front end by searching for 


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