What is the server?

A server is a computer or system that provides resources, data, services, or programs to other computers, known as clients, over a network

In Simple => server is the device where we can store our data. Of web and data of users also.

Big companies such as Facebook and Google have their own servers

Two best examples of servers:

  • Xampp
  • Wampp

Types of servers

  • Web server 
  •  File server 
  •  Database server SQL? 
  •  Application server 
  •  Print server 
  •  DNS server 
  •  Proxy server 
  •  FTP Server 
  •  Game Server
  •  Virtual Server
  •  Chat server 
  •  Media Server 
  •  Backup server

Describe Xampp?

Xampp is a free website server. You can create your offline website using Xampp and then transfer the data to your online web hosting.

What is CMS?

Content Management System is known as CMS.

Some examples of CMS:

  • WordPress
  • OpenCart
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Wix
  • Contentful
  • BigCommerce
  • Kentico
  • Magnolia
  • Sitecore

What is Theme

Theme is a website. You can customize the theme and run your website

==>You can create your theme

==>You can Use an offline theme

==> You can get the premium version

Describe How the Server Work When a Person Searchs Any Query?

We can learn how the server works with an example, when a person searches a query to any browser query passes through a protocol, and the query reaches to server, and the server shows related answers to this query in the same protocol.

Web servers are basically used to store data of the website and the user of the website.

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