Common Intension of User

Searching Intentions

(The purpose of keyword research)

  1. Navigations
    1. Icons
    2. Text
  2. Information
  3. Investigation
  4. Transaction

Example šŸ˜‚:

To buy online clothes I will go to a search engine and type the query then navigate my results collect some information from different websites and then compare 2 websites to investigate the price or maybe some more details and then I do a transaction

How To Improve Sale.

To Improve Sales follow these steps:

  1. Attract – Interest InterestĀ 
  2. ResearchĀ  – Details ResearchĀ 
  3. Purchasing MethodĀ  – Whatsapp PurchaseĀ – WebsiteĀ 

Example šŸ™‚:

To sell the Outfitter clothes we create offers to generate the interest of customers by offering a 50% discount then we will provide all the details of this deal and discuss all the purchasing methods that a user can do to buy the deal and we will increase the sale

How should we need to think as a digital marketer?

As a digital marketer, we need to think like 3 persons such as:

  1. MarketerĀ 
  2. Client (Customer)
  3. OwnerĀ 

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